Envisioning Sustainable Futures: A Media/Arts Initiative


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Global Urban Development is organizing Envisioning Sustainable Futures: a Media/Arts initiative.  Through the media and the arts, we aim to identify new ways to create and present images of a future society of Sustainable Economic Development that is in relative harmony and balance with the cycles of nature based on conserving and reusing all natural resources (not only fossil fuels, but water, land, materials, etc.), rather than overusing and wasting them. In other words, people, places, and organizations worldwide can “get richer by becoming greener”, earning and saving more money by using fewer resources and reusing more.  Everyone will be better off economically and environmentally, with greater prosperity, improved health, enhanced quality of life, and much more stable peace (because people won't be engaging in violent conflict over increasingly scarce resources).


There are three ways that media/arts professionals can enlighten and entertain the general public about this new paradigm of Sustainable Economic Development, and "Be the Change" as Mahatma Gandhi famously said:


1) Create futuristic stories and scenarios, especially with visual elements, which portray people throughout the developed and developing world, living in advanced technological sustainability.  Regardless of what drama or comedy, science fiction, documentary non-fiction, or video game content is in the foreground, the background will be digital and other images of modern sustainability.  For example, there will still be Times Square in the future, but it will be based on LED lighting powered by renewable energy, and there will still be people driving cars to work and play, but they will be driving plug-in electric vehicles powered by renewable energy. All businesses and jobs will be "green" in the sense that their revenues are shaped by technological innovation and resource efficiency based on Green Savings, Green Opportunities, Green Talent, and Green Places.  


2) Present interesting and compelling images of current sustainability efforts, such as the amazing story chronicled in the late Ray Anderson's 2009 book, Confessions of a Radical Industrialist, about how a corporate CEO of a petroleum-based industrial carpeting manufacturer and installer that was a wasteful polluter, decided to become a sustainable company and succeeded over 15 years in becoming far more environmentally friendly both in terms of the production processes and the products, and along the way substantially expanding market share, revenues, and profits. Ray Anderson's Interface Corporation definitely got richer by becoming greener and earned more money by using fewer resources and reusing more.


3) Identify, document, and share experiences about the most resource efficient, conserving, and recycling ways to produce media and arts events and products.  Media and arts professionals and businesses should also be getting richer by becoming greener, and demonstrating that innovation, efficiency, and conservation in the use and reuse of all natural and human resources is the best way to increase jobs, incomes, productivity, and competitiveness.  In the Sustainable Economic Development paradigm, both the production process and the media/arts/educational content are at peace and in harmony with Mother Nature.  Sustainability will be the guiding principle in theory and practice to the mutual betterment of everyone and everywhere.


Envisioning Sustainable Futures Committee

Co-Chairs: Rosa Alegria, Claudia Laub, Julie Henry, and Emilia Queiroga

Jobeda Ali

Antonella Battaglini

Rob Bennett

Scott Bernstein

Sergio Besserman Vianna

Lucelena Betancur

Clement Bezold

Lawrence Bloom

Uwe Brandes

Lester Brown

Rinaldo Brutoco

David Burwell

Tess Cacciatore

Peter Calthorpe

Simon Cavelle

Don Chen

Douglas Cohen

Thais Corral

Naomi Davis

Dianne Dillon-Ridgley

Hank Dittmar

Ladislau Dowbor

Peter Droege

Andre Duany

Will Duggan

Richard Eidlin

David Fenton

Marlene Fernandes

Ismael Fernandez-Mejia

Rebecca Ferrell

Morel Fourman

Robert Freling

Tsuyoshi Fujita

John Fullerton

Alastair Galpin

Banning Garrett

Nicky Gavron

John Geesman

Raymond Gindroz

Luigi Fusco Girard

Herbert Girardet

Theodore Gordon

Richard David Hames

James Hanusa

Rafal Hejne

Hazel Henderson

Elliott Hoffman

Walter Hook

Paul Hughes

Davina Jackson

Paul James

Calestous Juma

Daniel Kammen

Fred Kent

Ashok Khosla

C. S. Kiang

Sean Kidney

Michael Klowden

Eve Konstantine

Keith Laughlin

Florian Lennert

Jaime Lerner

Richard Lindberg

Rodrigo Loures

Steven Lovink

L. Hunter Lovins

Ernani Machado

Adalberto Maluf

Gideon Mandara

Tony Manwaring

David Martin

Andreia Marin Martins

Peter Matthies

Stephanie McClellan

Cynthia McEwen

Jane McRae

Dale Medearis

Miguel Mendonca

Cesar Menezes

Peter Merry

Dan Montgomery

Elizabeth Moule

Geoff Mulgan

Mary Newsom

Laurie Kaye Nijaki

Lisa Nisenson

James Nixon

Lora O’Connor

Jeff Olson

Mary Jane Ortega

Gerald Page

Kathryn Papp

Doug Payne

Neal Peirce

Nicolai Peitersen

Christina Carvalho Pinto

Glorianna Pionati

Alexander Plessl

Bill Radulovich

Bill Randolph

Michael Replogle

Alex Ribeiro

Graham Richard

Jackie Roberts

Susan Rochford

Renato Romano

Tom Roper

Stuart Rowlands

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

Marybeth Schubert

Nola-Kate Seymoar

Jigar Shah

Molly O’Meara Sheehan

Michael Shuman

Adele Simmons

Jasper Sky

Daniel Solomon

John Spears

Oliver Stewart

Sean Sweeney

Kaarin Taipale

Sein-Way Tan

Sophia Trapp

Martin Tull

Pablo Vaggione

Steve Viederman

Ramiro Wahrhaftig

Kim Walesh

Al Washa

Michael Wegener

Wayne Wescott

Eva Willmann de Donlea

Darcy Stallings Winslow

Susan Witt

Michelle Wyman

Robert Yaro

Nicholas You

Dimitri Zenghelis

Larry Zinn

Erla Zwingle





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