Analyzing Global Urban Development

The main purpose of Global Urban Development is to bring everyone together and engage them in one unified conversation about the future of the urban world, and indeed, of the world itself. This is what we mean by "Global Urban Development." Global Urban Development is a new idea in the world and represents a genuine paradigm shift because it involves treating the entire urban world as one place and one phenomenon within a unified policy framework. This is not the norm with regard to urban policy.

The general state of urban policy in the world is divided very sharply into three separate and distinct urban networks. The first and largest network is focused on urban policy in developing countries, which sometimes also includes the transitional economies of central and eastern Europe. This network is led by international institutions such as the United Nations and the World Bank. The second network is urban policy in the developed world, minus the U.S. This is the world of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The third network is urban policy in the U.S., which is the least international of the three.

Global Urban Development is breaking down the barriers between these three different networks. Starting with prominent urban policy professionals, we have built a truly Global Urban Development network, uniting all three of the world's major urban policy constituencies. Global Urban Development's Board of Directors and Advisory Board cover an extremely wide range and diversity of people from all walks of life all over the world, and this coverage will become even more comprehensive and diverse as Global Urban Development expands its activities across the globe.

This committee oversees the editorial production of Global Urban Development Magazine, published on our website. The committee also works with the Global Cities Institute and Global City Indicators Facility (GCIF) sponsored by the University of Toronto and the World Bank and lead by GUD Board member and committee Co-Chair Patricia McCarney. In addition, the committee is working with United Nations-Habitat to support the World Urban Campaign.

The committee is participating in the LSE Economics of Green Cities Program, in which GUD is working as a Global Partner with the London School of Economics, the OECD, the World Bank, the C40, University College London, the Global City Indicators Facility, and the Greater London Authority.  Lord Nicholas Stern, an LSE Professor, is serving as the Chairman of the Advisory Committee.  GUD Vice Chair and committee Co-Chair Nicky Gavron is serving as the Chief Project Advisor, GUD Advisory Board member Dimitri Zenghelis, who teaches at LSE, is serving as the research project’s Economics Director, and GUD Chairman Marc Weiss has been advising this effort.  See the first two publications, Stockholm Green Economy Leader Report, and Going Green: How Cities are Leading the Next Economy.

Members of this committee are working with GUD Board member and committee Co-Chair Neal Peirce to provide the innovative new Citiscope global urban communications initiative ( with articles, suggestions, contacts, reviews, feedback, and other advice and assistance, enabling it to become a major worldwide source of vital information and ideas. Neal Peirce is Citiscope's Editor-in Chief. Citiscope is a direct outgrowth of the Citistates Group ( Many Citistates leaders, including Neal Peirce, Curtis Johnson (Citiscope Executive Editor and GUD Advisory Board member), Farley Peters (Citiscope Deputy Editor), GUD Board member Nicholas You, GUD Advisory Board members Donald Borut, Gail Christopher, Gene DePrez, Mary Newsom, Christine Platt, and William Stafford, and their Citistates colleagues, worked very hard for the past four years to successfully launch Citiscope. Numerous members of GUD’s network actively participate in Citistates and Citiscope.

Citiscope is a fulfillment of a longtime GUD vision and commitment to provide the world’s leaders, experts, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and activists with frequent state-of-the-art global journalism and analysis of urban trends, best practices, policies, programs, projects, interesting accomplishments, and most importantly, inspiring and informative stories. In 2004 GUD tried to create the Global Urban Development News monthly email service in partnership with Metropolis and UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments), but we were unable to obtain sufficient financial support. Fortunately, Citiscope receives substantial funding from the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. UCLG is distributing Citiscope every month by email to its large worldwide membership.



Analyzing Global Urban Development Committee
Co-Chairs: Nicky Gavron, Patricia McCarney, and Neal Peirce

Arthur Alderson

Rosa Alegria

Rachelle Alterman

Ron Armstead

Edward Asu

Edward Blakely

Andrew Boraine

Donald Borut

Cezar Busatto

Tim Campbell
Margaret Caust

Gail Christopher

Andres Coca-Stefaniak

Gene DePrez

Joseph Drew

Marlene Fernandes

Colin Fudge

Alastair Galpin

Shari Garmise

Banning Garrett

Santosh Ghosh

Emille van Heyningen

Daniel Hoornweg

Davina Jackson

Kenneth Jackson

Curtis Johnson

Calestous Juma

Daniel Kammen

Jane Katz

Eve Konstantine

Vinay Lall

Claudia Laub

Richard LeGates

Florian Lennert

Azim Manji
John McIlwain

Zane Miller

Mary Newsom

James Nixon

Henrik Nolmark

Janice Perlman
Christina Carvalho Pinto

Christine Platt
Roy Priest

Jonas Rabinovitch
Craig Raborn

Jane Ross

Mary Rowe

Marivel Sacendoncillo

David Satterthwaite

Terry Scaddan
Theo Schilderman

Joelle Schmitz
Kurt Schmoke

Erica Schoenberger

Nancy Sedmak-Weiss

Molly O'Meara Sheehan
Gholam Shiran
Gregory Squires

William Stafford

Richard Stren

Kaarin Taipale

Susan Wachter

Ramiro Wahrhaftig

Patrick Wakely

Rasna Warah
Emiel Wegelin

Michael Wegener

David Wilmoth
Nicholas You
Belinda Yuen
Robert Zdenek

Erla Zwingle


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